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About Me MediAnswer Collagen Lift Up Band

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About Me MediAnswer Collagen Lift Up Band is a 3 stage lifting system that lifts and hold! This is a smart technological item lifts both inner and outer skin elasticity by conveniently sticking on. Firming skin care is achieved through a 3 stage lifting system!

About Me MediAnswer Collagen Lift Up Band uses technological know-how from Samyang BioPharm which is a renowned expert in science and the bio-industry field. Samyang BioPharm uses TDS technological know-how for effective lifting effects that can be delivered deep into the skin layer.

  • 7 elasticity lifting clinical test + skin irritation test completed
  • New concept lifting band provides 6 different lifting effects just with first use.
  • Tightly fill-in wrinkles from inner skin with collagen
  • Collagen elasticity energy delivered deep into skin with TDS technology
  • Improvement skin elasticity of low molecular collagen with 'Collagen peptide'

(Size 1 sheet)

How to use

After washing face, apply daily skin care.
2. Remove clear film and stick onto skin.
3. Hold each ends of the band and stick with the center of band on jaw-line with a lifting motion.
4. Press the ends of the band onto face for about 10 seconds to secure adhesion.
5. Remove band after about 15~20 minutes, then finish with skin care.