Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Gel Patch (60 gel)

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Since using this product the redness on my skin has slowly disappeared. I love it

Moisture for your eyes

Love these eyepatches, great item to add to your regular routine.

Great patch!

Love these -- just got them in and have already used twice in the morning to help me look a little more refreshed for the day. I think the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water patch sold on this site, which I also own, may stay in place a little better -- but that could just be me. I'll absolutely be ordering these again.

J Gadd
Just added to Must Have for Life List

I’ve mainly tried eye gel patches from brands available Target and Sephora. I’m not new to K Beauty products but mostly followed the K Beauty Skin Care multi step routine using the products I already had + a few additions here and there. I have used the Benton Eye cream and enjoy the results it has given me. When I found Olive Kollection via Tik Tok showing how these gel patches can be dissolved post use to make it into a face mist, I was sold. As I read more about the product and found it was from Benton, I had high hopes. And these patches delivered! A bit higher price than my other gel patches, so I reserve using these 1-2x a week only. The instant smoothness and moisturized under eye skin area has been more noticeable during the first use. I am excited to see the results with consistent use over time. Will be trying these on the hubby as well - gives me more of an excuse to get more!

Kristie P

These eye gel patches are a must have! They leave my undereye area hydrated and brighter. I really like how it dissolves in warm water! I keep the water in a spray bottle in the fridge to hydrate during the hot days - bonus!!