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lilybyred Mood Keyboard

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Delicately accumulated color pigments that hardly causes clumping to give a more clear colorization.

Experience different types of moods with 10 useable color variations that can cover your base color, mid-shade, and also the eye line.

This product offers a clear complexion like a watercolor painting with three special textures: matte dome texture provides a clear complexion only as much as necessary by stacking the fine powder in a dome type; cushion glitter texture offers light adhesion and transparent sparkle with the optimal oil blend; and jelly marble texture combines various sizes of glitter in a chewy dough-like shape, reflecting from various angles.

Choose from 3 Color Palettes

01 Ash Cinnamon is a warm, soft ash cinnamon palette that soothes the cold heart, containing the cozy shades of ash cinnamon: Apricot Milk, Kaya Brown, Sun-Dried, Sparkling Coral, Chocolate Chunk, Daisy Marble, Peach Toast, Cinnamon Powder, Apple Cinnamon, and Deep Mocha.

02 Ash Mauve is a mauve, cool ash palette with a subtle ash shade for cool tones.
Containing the muted lavender and rose shades: Cream Pink, Taro Marble, Frozen Rose, Rosewood, Icing Sugar, Greige, Early Grey Lavender, Mauve Taupe, Milk Cocoa, and Cool Espresso.

03 Ash Beige is a subtle warm, neutral ash shade for neutral tones with a sepia filter, containing the ash khaki contour shades: Soybean Milk, Champagne Glazed, Skin Gray, Smokey Ash, Deep Khaki, Soft Salmon, Dry Rose, Tender Brown, French Marble, and Antique Brown.

Customer Reviews

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Jade P.
Great Colors

So I bought the Ash Beige pallet. I have never used colors that are 'ashy beige' so I bought it. I really did look forward to this purchase and I wasn't disappointed too much. What I do love is the range of colors, this was exactly what I was looking to try out. The two shimmers provided are also really nice and sparkly, they do not appear flaky on skin and it is so flattering on the inner corners or any where else you place it. The deepest color is also so useful to making a winged eye. So, I love the color ranges, the sparkles and the fact that the colors do stay on my eyelids. The part that disappointed me a bit is just 1 color swatch on the pallet. It's just a bit too gray on my skin tone. I have an olive skin tone that is between red and neutral underneath. So it just makes me look tired when I wear that one specific color. I just need to try it out more and figure out how to combine and place it. I did use that gray color to do my makeup for Halloween so I'm more happy about it. I am considering buying another of the mood keyboard pallets maybe just one that is brighter than the ashy beige. But I still would recommend trying this pallet out it looks really nice and it's also compact so I can bring it anywhere which is a plus. Also I like the material of the packaging.

Romy G

really cute but one of the simmers fell out when my package arrived