Missha Glow Skin Balm

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Kyle T
So worth it

I love the subtle glow this balm provides. A smooth and thick cream like texture the gives your skin a super hydrated look. Even though it is thick, it not oily or greasy.

Jas Lee
It does the job

This product is good for those that have dry skin. Unfortunately I have combination and more on the oily side and the glow just makes my skin look more oily rather than glowing

Maria Espino
You need it

Absolutely love it! Very subtle glow and very moisturizing

Kimberly B.
I'm glowing!

I love the way it makes my face looks. I use my moisturizer and this glowing cream after for a healthier and natural glow. I recommend to use a bit. Not too much like you would with a foundation.

J Gadd
Shine bright like a diamond

It’s actually a very subtle glow and surprisingly very moisturizing which is a plus in these cold weather months! I put this on after my sunscreen. It’s great for daily use. It also comes with its own little spatula which is a wonderful idea - all jar products should have this!