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Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads

$4.50 USD

Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads are made from sponge-pulp and uses micro-water waving engineering to ensure the absorbency levels are UP while using 1/3 the amount of toner needed compared to using traditional cotton pads. The sponge-pulp material helps the cotton pads remain lint-free so when you pat it on your face, there is no lint lingering around on your skin. 

(Size 160 pads in each box)

How to use

For patting: Apply a third of the toner amount which you normally use and gently pat it on your face starting from the wide areas to the more narrow areas for maximum absorption

For a quick moist pack: Apply the product you wish to use, repeatedly fold and unfold the pads so that the product is fully saturated onto the pads. Apply the pads as a pack/mask on the desired areas of your skin. Take them off after 10 minutes.


Pulp Rayon blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great but only for certain products

These cotton pads are great for more watery toners/products, I have been using 3 at a time as a mini mask (forehead and both cheeks) with my Tony moly mocchi toner. I do advise not to use these pads with a toner or serum with a thicker consistency as it will not absorb as well. Another tip, if you have extra essence in your disposable face masks, you can use these pads to absorb the rest of the product as another mini mask.

Perfect for essences

Don’t waste any more product! I used to use thick cotton rounds and they’d soak up all of my product. I use this with my Neogen essence and it’s amazing how saturated it gets with product.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Normal or thicker cotton pads would irritate my skin but these are thin and very soft. They don’t irritate my skin and they force me to use a more normal amount of toner lol. They’re also aesthetically pleasing. Love them!

Make sure to use thinner, watery-toners for these products!

These are very good for cotton pad masking and stretching out, but I would recommend avoiding using thicker/viscous toners like the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner and the Klairs Supple Preparation toners on these pads. They don't sink it that well. But otherwise, these are really nice and the box makes them seem more ~luxurious~.

best thin pads

Before I tried these, I have always used thicker cotton pads. I bought these because they are thin and should not soak up all of my toner. To my surprise, this easily can get drenched in toner and work around the face without it drying up compared to thicker cotton pads. I noticed that these make me use less toner than if I were to use other cotton pads. So far, these are the best cotton pads for toners and I will gladly keep using them and repurchase when I need to.